Kimonos are my passion; the luxurious feel of the soft silk, the simplicity of design, the myriad of patterns created using traditional Japanese iconic symbols: kiku, ume, sakura, seigaiha... 

I buy secondhand vintage silk kimonos from Japan and am so excited when I open the parcel -– what can I make from this stunning fabric?

Many years ago I started collecting kimono fabric, intending to make a patchwork quilt but ended up with a patchwork cushion. I made more cushions and kept creating, new projects using this fabulous fabric.

My collection of kimonos has grown over the years; I have my favourites which I wear around the house, the others are unpicked and reimagined into beautiful items for the home.

My love of Japanese design and style expands beyond kimonos; washi paper, shoji screens, bonsai, ceramics. I use my skills to create items I would love to have in my own home, sometimes I find it hard to part with them but I love to share my passion for kimono design.

I live and create in rural Oxfordshire, England – couldn’t be further from the country of my inspiration!