• What is a kimono?

    • A kimono is an article of t-shaped clothing from Japan. The word kimono means to wear (ki) and thing (mono). Kimono were traditionally woven on a portable loom, 14" in width and are made up of many lengths cut from the bolt.

    • Kimonos are made from silk, wool, cotton and polyester. I only use silk kimonos to make my products.


  • How do you recycle kimonos?​​

    • I unpick the ki​monos by separating the outer silk from the silk lining. I'm then left with about nine rectangles of differing sizes. I hand wash, dry and iron the pieces before deciding what to make, usually based on the pattern and the direction of the design.

  • Do you combine postage?​​

    • Of course! If more than one item is purchased, postage will be combined and postal overage refunded immediately.

  • What products do you make?​​

    • I upcycle the kimono fabric to make lampshades, table lamps and cushions. I have recently been making long beautifully soft silk kimono scarves, great as presents. I even use scraps of fabric to make hair scrunchies!

  • Are your products washable?

    •  Silk fabric becomes more delicate as it ages. I have learned from experience that silk does not like direct  sunlight or machine washing! I would recommend either hand washing in a low temperature and drying  naturally or dry-cleaning (preferred).

  • Where do you ship to?

    • I ship worldwide but due to the current coronavirus pandemic deliveries to some countries are delayed, sometime items are being held in customs. If delivery times are important, please contact me before you order - click on Contact link above.

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